Create a great first impression

First impressions count and having a polite friendly individual greeting your customers can’t be underestimated.  All customers feel welcomed and confident that their enquiry is ‘in the system’ if they speak to a real person.

Plus a landline number, even in the modern age of mobile phones, creates a sense of permanence endorsing the trustworthiness of your company.


Limit frustration –

Dealing over the ‘phone has all manner of frustrations. For instance we’ve all been caught up in an automated system, either choosing the wrong option, or being presented with totally inappropriate options that we just can’t get past.

These systems don’t make your customers feel valued, they take up way too much of their time and if the caller is new to you they simply don’t have the desire to keep going. Why do they need to work quite so hard to give you their business – new business can be lost!

An automated system or answering machine simply isn’t able to calm an irate customer or deflate an explosive situation. However, a few choice words from a professional receptionist can appease the majority of disgruntled customers.

Increase sales –

Having someone else answer your phones frees up time and allows more structure in the day. Rather than answering every call as it comes into the office and firefighting, you and your staff can review the inbound calls, prioritising who to call and when – thus creating time and maximising opportunities.


Improving Customer relations – 

When you’re away from the office or unable to answer the phone due to business pressures a call handling service ensures that your customers are always greeted in a professional manner.  With comprehensive messages taken and relayed in real time your clients put the phone down confident that their enquiry is receiving attention.


Create the illusion of size –

Having a call answering service promotes the message that you have office staff supporting you adding to your professionalism and

instantly upsizing your company.


Save money –

A professional call handling service provides all the benefits of an employed telephone receptionist with none of the disadvantages. You

have your phone answered when you want, in the manner you require without expensive office overheads – no additional investment into technology or software licences, no salaries, NI contributions or holiday pay just to mention a few employee related expenses.