What jumps to mind when you think of a serviced office? You’ll probably be imagining people suited & booted sat at their computer screens or having meetings.  However, I can tell you there is far more diversity than you may imagine.

Although the term serviced office may give you the impression it’s only for a stereotypical office-based business, that’s far from the reality.

Within the business centre we have a variety of businesses including counsellors, reflexologists and electricians, some of which operate exclusively from their office, some out on site & barely in their offices, others have clients attending appointments utilising the office and meeting rooms.

Having such diversity within the Business Centre comes with its advantages. You instantly have connections within the centre, so if for instance you find yourself in need of some financial advice and there’s a financial adviser in the office next to you who better to use than a friendly face that you see every day.

It’s not what you know but who you know

Also, the added advantage is free marketing! As clients visit the building, they may see your business name and make enquiries about you from the person they are visiting, who in turn gives you a glowing recommendation all for free just because you are part of a “community” within the business centre.


It’s basically networking while you carry on with your normal day at work.