–  Only rent the space you need

A huge advantage of Serviced Offices is that they come in all shapes and sizes from straight forward office space to industrial units all with variable terms – rental periods can range from days through to a rolling 12 month contract. This means that whether you are expanding or contracting you only need to take the size you need then and there.  Why pay for space and lock yourself into a lengthy lease when you don’t need to.

–  Upsize or Downsize as required

Provided you chose well a Serviced Office could meet your needs for several years allowing you to upsize as and when you require, or downsize should the economy take a dip. No moving or installation costs, no new letterhead to be printed or notifications to be issued.  Move in a day with no inconvenience to the business or its customers.


– Reception staff at no extra cost

During business hours Fully Serviced Offices provide a fully manned reception providing a meet and greet service to your clients and meeting room support all at no extra cost.  Whilst some of these savings seem relatively small, when added together they can make a Serviced Office a very cost effective solution.


–  No Office Cleaning Costs

Serviced Offices are cleaned regularly – generally on a weekly basis with bins emptied on a daily basis.  Again the cost of the cleaning, rubbish collection and disposal are all met within the monthly fee paid for the office.


–  Rates and Utilities included within the fee

Business Rates and utilities are included within the fee which is a set figure for a pre-defined period.  This means that irrespective of consumption you only pay a fixed amount each month.  Any increases to utilities or rates within this period do not affect the amount you pay.


–  Offices fully furnished

Serviced Offices also come with the luxury of being fully furnished.  Each office comes with the requisite desks, chairs, pedestals and storage unit needed to get the business underway without any initial capital outlay.  All you need to do is turn up on day one and you’re ready to start.


–  No Maintenance Costs

Cost free ongoing maintenance ensures that the office is always in a good state of repair and whilst you would normally be charged for dilapidations when coming to the end of your lease and moving out Serviced Office don’t charge when you leave.  In a worst case scenario a portion of your deposit may be retained if the office was being returned in a poor condition.